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The RestoViking Bar

Pili's Resto Viking Bar is a blend of a local and international cuisine to serve you with the freshness of varieties of incredible small farm meat, as well as organic tropical vegetables and fruits. Surrounded by seas we will surely be provided with great fishes and seafood as well. Look-out at our catch of the day, it's not much of a surprise to get fresh fishes like tuna, Lapu-Lapu and giant Tiger prawns on our tables and much more.

Whether you like it grilled or baked, for lunch or diner, with only vegetables as you are vegan or maybe without dairies, we are a family-scaled kitchen so as much as possible we would be pleased to adjust our menu and recipe to your taste and need. Check-out our must-try Norwegian style Meat Ball meal or our Vietnamese fresh spring-roll ... Foot on the white-sand, total escape guaranteed !

"How about your drink mam?" You'd rather get used of this question as you thirst may get stronger after a sunny and refreshing bath swim among the corals and tropical fishes and if you are lucky, dancing with the turtles or the dolphins.

Get your fruity shakes , sip an icy cocktail or frozen Draft Beer in an instant just to enjoy your morning sunrise or sunset at its best. Our bartender and waitress are here for you so just let give them a whisper of your order. The resort has an abundance of places where to eat, drink and relax so choose yours and let's the magic happen. We can possibly cater a special event like birthday party or even a wedding celebration if you wish, just get in touch us and we will arrange venue for you.

Bon Appétit and Cheers !!!


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